Nuestra Historia.

Cybernav began to operate in 1996 producing the first systems " Cybercar" and " Cybernav" for satelite tracking in Mexico, that continues being used in thousands of units with satelite equipment Galaxy, PDT100 and now the Thrane & Thrane, Iridium, and others.

Initially we worked through distributors and from 2007, besides software we give to the service of monitoring and sale of equipment.

Besides tracking system, systems for automatization of administrative processes take place, from control of inventories to remote control of machinery, using communication by radio frequency, Gprs, satellite and Internet.

At the moment they offer hybrid equipment that combines the low cost and the high volume of data of the cellular service with the total cover that provides the satelite service, so that the usuary payment only by the cost of the satelite service having both services

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Mex : (81) 8363 0025 U.S.A: (954) 660 8825